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I first met Vladas in 2014 in Tasly HQ in Tianjin when my job was to attract foreign companies to Western Switzerland. I was impressed by Vladas’s broad knowledge of the European markets, his deep reasoning and attention to the detail when choosing a location for Tasly European HQ and, above all, his personal integration within Tasly.

Philippe D. Monnier

International Business Executive, Several Organizations

Vladas has demonstrated a great ability to undertake marketing projects at an international level. Moreover, his interpersonal skills were appreciated by all.

Edouard Metivier

International marketing director, Ipsen Pharma SAS

Vladas has high analytical capacities, developed skills in marketing and management. He constantly over achieves his objectives and makes that with great diligence and extraordinary creativity. In management of the people he possesses good understanding of balance between control and delegation, his team typically follows him as innovative and fare leader.

Tomas Liesis

General Manager Baltic Countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) , PharmaSWISS

I have known Mr. Vladas for more than five years now.
During this period of time we had quite a few projects together, including preparation for business consulting, training and coaching for IPSEN Pharma SAS coworkers.
Over the years I have noticed that he is a very precise and persistent person, especially interested in honest and sincere communication with team.
He is creative, charismatic, considerate and responsible man. In every step of the way Vladas sees every challenge as a new opportunity.
I could describe him as a modest and authoritative person, always open for changes and driven by innovation.
As well as being diligent and strategic leader Mr. Vladas is an empathic team player, always with a positive way of thinking.
Despite if it is just a friendly informal chat or dealing with relevant business issues together, it has always been a great pleasure working with Mr.Vladas.
– Perlis

Perlis Vaisieta

Business Partner - Facilitator, Executive Coach, CAGR Consulting