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Relationship has always been important in all markets or geographies, despite the differences in cultures and communities behaviors. Some countries, as China, have a special word and emotion around it – 关系 [Guānxì]. Describes not only interaction between two or more people, but the whole purpose and benefit, even social level on how many you have relations. Without relations, you cannot expect be trusted and well connected with the community.

Looking no further than Europe you see more diversity in cultures and values, but one thing remains of same value. Whom you are acquainted with and what you have relations with. Again, its mostly about the Trust. With more time in diverse cultures, you can observe some differences, perhaps in south people are more extraverted, driven into communication and interpersonal relation, the more north you go, more intraverted and closed relations seem.

Speaking of relationship with brands, this has evolved over decades. From simple and basic ones, such as provider/consumer, the relationship to the brand has subsequently evolving into a friend/friend, neighbour/neighbour (Airbnb, Uber, Lyft). But what happens in such cases when the brand is the person? What values are needed to grow as the person-brand? What interaction is expected?

“Trust is mainly about operational execution—service delivery” – says Harvard Business Review in the article “The One Thing You Must Get Right When Building a Brand”. And as a person-brand typically your service is based on the trust and relationship. Standing next to your partner when needed, giving a friendly hand, especially when it is unexpected. In fact giving the value just above what is expected strengthens your image and position. But the Trust is the core component in any Brand development, either the Brand is the product or the person.


Customers actually build loyalty to people, not brands, products or services.

Chris Malone

Chief Advisory Officer, Relational Capital Group, a research-based, brand relationship marketing firm located in Philadelphia

The latest e-solutions, various social accounts stay online and present 24/7. Easy accessible they allow to learn about the people, learn their official face, and take a peak into unofficial interests they share with friends or inside communities. Be linked to business partners brings closer to them as friends. Their interests and your posts are visible to each other and others, it becomes a new way of learning your network, but also can be a vulnerability to manage. The split between official work and your personal life disappears with the social content. As for the brands same for the people – it can bring benefit and pain, in the cases of failure. But surely staying first open and honest to yourself and others, expressing ideas and projects, allows to evolve and engage your partners in the emotional transition from service provider/consumer to more emotional and personal relationship.

I strongly believe, that people can be the Brands, but for growth you need to earn the Trust from your partners and pairs. Last and perhaps one of most important ingredients is Emotion which is created behind each relationship. It creates the memory and feeling on who we interact with. So acting as the Brand, with Trust and Emotion could be the cocktail which will bring you success in future Relationship management.