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Over 15 years of experience in pharmaceuticals, with the recent 5 years strong transition to nutraceuticals and FMCG segment allowed me to cumulate significant level of experience to offer you cost-effective business consulting service whenever you need it. I am used to fast pace of work, complex tasks, matrix companies or various corporate culture settings and can assure your goal is my priority in delivering it fast and with high quality.

Major service directions typically requested by my clients:

  • Matchmaking in partnerships
  • Market development / Entry strategies
  • Sales strategy and support schemes development



Full list of available services is provided below:

  • Market analysis and data interpretation support – have a new product or assessing market potential within the segment? I help you do the assessment of the market segment, identify the key competitors, prepare S.W.O.T analysis, prepare and manage price sensitivity test. Already have done market survey or thinking of one? Which one to run and choose? Starting with your objective running to the end point I can help you design the one that suits your needs and budget. Analysis of the report and by working with your team will deliver conclusions and prepare next steps for you.


  • Sales and Marketing support – ideal choice for small teams or start-ups. Allow me assist you with the full sales and marketing support for your products. Preparation of the sales channels and market entry strategy for you or the analysis of the one your team has prepared for you. I will create the list of the necessary documentation for your products or work with your team to prepare ones: sales sheets, end-customer leaflets, presentation materials, etc. Training your sales teams to be sure the USP messages are consistent within the company and will be delivered to the customers. Evaluation of the perception level by your customer and constructive guidelines on improvement options.


  • Medical management support – whether you have plans to conduct a clinical trial or already have finished one, my support can help bring solutions for you on how to best use the results, directions for further applicability of results in building dossier for expanding the indications, or support in planning and management of a cost-efficient trial to achieve your goals: patients/doctors experience, publications, presentation as posters or in plenary meetings during the congresses.


  • Key account or VIP account management – especially fit for quickly growing companies but still behind recruitment plans I can help you with the high quality, scientifically balanced and customer driven focus to your accounts. Whether you need such assistance for 1 event or for interim period you can be sure your clients will be treated with high care and diligence.


  • General management and administration support – when you need a quick hand for administration and general business management, you recruitment for general manager takes longer than expected, this service is right for you. Management of your P/L, taking care of daily activities of your company, maintenance of your operations, change management in your team, reporting to the senior and top management.

Individual pricing for tailor-made service packages is available.

In addition to our fees, we charge for specific costs and expenses incident to the performance of our services (i.e. travel expenses, accommodation, telephone calls and conferencing, specialized online research services, etc.) as well as for a flat rate for sundry expenses of 4% of the total fee amount. All amounts are indicated exclusive of VAT, which would be added if applicable.

List of services

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